Smart home renting

We are so excited to announce our beta version of the application. Jump in and be the first to shape the future of home renting. Together we can take the renting market to a whole new level.
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Let me!

No one can do it better than you

We believe that you, the landlord, are the most appropriate person to let and manage your properties. That's why we want to enable you to be the best landlord you can be, empowering you with a simple but professional letting toolbox that will significantly reduce the effort and time required through automation and process optimization.

Directly connect with prospective tenants

Getting your home rental in front of potential tenants is a matter of a couple of minutes. When applying for your property, they can contact you directly on your preferred channel (email or phone). Responding to inquiries and managing your listings adverts are just a tap away on any device you have in hand.

By choosing to directly connect with your potential tenants, without any middle man involved, you can boost your profits by cutting the costs with a margin of 7 - 15%.

Change the property letting landscape

Fizbo BETA is a small but important step towards building a smart lettings assistant that will change how we let and manage our properties in line with technology evolution using automation, artificial intelligence and optimizing every step of the letting process. Tenants qualifying, viewings booking, tenancy agreement generation, automatic rental payments, maintenance issues reporting/outsourcing and portfolio performance evaluation are just a handful of services planned to be rolled out to you once finished.

Become an active member in transforming the property letting landscape by trying the BETA app, sharing your experience and be the first to use premium features for free as they are released.